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Product Description

Capacity: 1200kg
Fork Dimensions: 570x1150mm
Drive: DC 0,65kW (S2 60 min)
Support Wheels: Single D84x93mm
Battery: 2x12V 85Ah AGM Semi Traction technology
Charger: Built-in charger
Centre Tiller position with 4-wheel structure

The PSE 12N stacker is equipped with maintenance-free 24V/60Ah LiFePO4 type Li-ion battery with fast charging and ultra-high number of charging/discharging cycles during life time; opportunity charging feature basically does not limit your operation time. The integrated BMS provides the same features as the BMS for the batteries of pallet trucks.

Smart features like speed control in turns, PIN-code or RFID access, function of driving with tiller in its vertical position, fast and opportunity charging for li-ion batteries, which before were not offered for economic material handling powered solutions, are now available for the Edge series products and making the work easier.

The EDGE series products are strictly conform to requirements of international safety standards



1200kg Electric Pallet Stacker

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